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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.​

We truly believe that it is never to early to teach our children. Beginning with milestones of ages and stages of development, and continuing with age appropriate activities that allow children to LEARN through PLAY. Childhood development theorists believe we learn more efficiently, with greater intensity, and with MORE PURPOSE when learning is fun. We strongly believe in educating our youth. Not only are our children benefiting when parents  choose educational nannies, but they will be enjoying activities, outdoor play, and exercise without even realizing how much they are learning. Not only do our children learn, but our nannies and caregivers learn from the children. Nothing is more important, after all these children are our Future Generation, the leaders of tomorrow!

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We are doing all that we can to provide our services while working to keep everyone involved healthy and safe. Wearing masks upon request is not a problem, although we encourage nannies to get a  Covid-19 Test prior to having new clients. Prior to arrival nannies will be clean and well-groomed. Upon entering clients home we wash our hands and remove our shoes.

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Quality. Affordable. Assistance.

With over 15 years of experience, your child is in good hands! Specializing in childcare, family assistance, tutoring, and house keeping. We guarantee regardless of the job, your sure to be satisfied.  

Find carefully screened family assistance

Going Outside the Box

Although private child care is highly recommended for many reasons, most children still need to be socialized with their peers. We offer the opportunity to take your child on "field trips". Weather we are going to a park, or attending story time at the library if you feel your child needs to engage in activities outside of the home we fulfill that need. Educating within the home, and planning developmental activities is always necessary, but we offer the extra step for more extra curricular activities!

Striving to Teach at all ages of development!

We’ve love every minute of our journey

Elementary School Aged Tutoring

Whether  it is a child who is struggling in school or one who just needs an extra push, there are many reasons parents choose tutoring for their child. Providing personalized learning experiences and one on one attention tutoring can help students develop better study skills, increased knowledge of core subjects, and ignite a passion for learning. The many benefits of tutoring services make it a clear choice for parents who want to help their child succeed both in school and in life!

Call Now to learn more about our tutoring programs and how your child can benefit!

Early Childhood Development

Early childhood is a time for tremendous growth across all areas of development. From the moment they are born, children use all their senses to attend to their environment. The beginning stages of cause and effect develop from their actions and the responses of caregivers. By 5 years old, a child's vocabulary will grow to approximately 1500 words. Language is a powerful tool to enhance cognitive development. 

By creating an increased emphases on early learning and understanding that stages are organized around primary tasks of development, our caregivers provide quality early learning, in a loving and caring environment.

What Makes Us Different!

Welcome to Smiles for Miles. We like to think of ourselves as substitute "moms." Nothing can really compare, but we play the role very well. We provide professional, yet quality assistance for your family. Our focus is catered to your needs. With open arms we are here to help with your needs. We provide warm, cozy childcare in the comfort of your own home to give you peace of mind. House keeping, cleaning, and ride care are just a few of the services other than childcare we can provide for you. We are here, because we CARE!


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